"If one has driven a car for many years, as I have, all reactions have become automatic. One does not think about what to do. Nearly all driving technique is deeply buried in a machine-like unconscious. This being so, a large area of the conscious mind is left free for thinking. And what do people think about when they drive? On short trips perhaps of arrival at a destination or memory of events at the place of departure. But there is left, particularly on very long trips, a large area for daydreaming or even, God help us, thought. ... Driving, I have created turtle traps in my mind, have written long, detailed letters never to be put on paper, much less sent. When the radio was on, music has stimulated memory of times and places, complete with characters and stage sets, memories so exact that every word of dialogue is recreated." - John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America
  • Went to the 114th Big Game between Cal and Stanford on Saturday. It was possibly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had from being on the field with proud Golden Bears to shooting in the rain for 4 hours. My fellow B&G photographers, Michael and Peter along with myself got desperate and asked the Stanford athletics store for some plastics bags to protect our cameras. I will now always have a plastic bag, rubber bands and hand warmers in my camera bag. Even though Cal lost 28-31, we were predicted to lose by 18 points. So eat that, probabilities and GO BEARS!!!

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